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Emuna and body-soul harmony with author, spiritual guide and health coach Rabbi Lazer Brody

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2 days ago

True love is a bond of emuna, an unbreakable lasting connection between two souls. Whereas infatuation is bodily and physical, true love and friendship are spiritual. We learn all about building a successful marital relationship from the dove...

4 days ago

In one of the Torah's most dramatic scenes, Esau and Jacob meet after years of estrangement. In this confrontation, the first thing Esau does is to stare at Jacob's wives. We learn here the huge difference between Esau's and Jacob's attitude toward women. The same difference continues today in the opposing attitudes of modern society and the Torah in regard to women.

5 days ago

Brandon (Boruch) Rumann from Houston, Texas is a brilliant aerospace engineer. He works for NASA and is involved in the VIPER Rover project, which is scheduled for a mission to the moon in 2025. He simultaneously works for the "Blue Origin" company on the "Orbital Reef" project, that plans to launch a space hotel prototype in 2027. More amazing than his work is his experience beyond the stars, during an NDE (near death experience) that he shares with us in today's podcast.

Thursday Dec 01, 2022

A lasting marital relationship, what we call a "bond of emuna", depends on the merger of two souls. A true partner in life is therefore one's soulmate, that special person who will share a lifelong mutual commitment. One cannot find a soulmate if he or she is interested solely in a "bodymate". Physical attributes are short-lived...

Wednesday Nov 30, 2022

The Gemara makes a seemingly strange statement: "No one thanked Hashem until our matriarch Leah said, 'This time, I will thank Hashem' (Genesis 29:35)." Adam, Noah and Abraham all thanked Hashem way before Leah did. So what's the Gemara talking about?

Thursday Nov 24, 2022

Welcome to our new "Parsha Pearls" series on the weekly Torah portion. This week, we find Isaac and Rebecca haven't yet had children and are begging in prayer to the Almighty to become parents. Why are they so worried? Isaac's father Abraham received a solid promise from Hashem that Isaac would father the entire Jewish People (Genesis 21:12). Isn't Hashem's promise enough?

Thursday Nov 24, 2022

With so many divorces, something is sorely wrong with western society's concept of marriage. There's a much better game plan, which we learn in today's lesson.

Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

The Torah teaches us the best way to build a lasting marital relationship - first be friends, then be lovers. It's not just a rosy saying but an absolute commandment of Torah...

Tuesday Nov 22, 2022

The things in this world that arouse our fear are reminders that we should fear no one other than Hashem. The things in the world that arouse our love are reminders of just how much we must love Hashem. Both the seemingly good and the seemingly bad in life are messengers from Above...

Sunday Nov 20, 2022

The insurance company invites you to contact them for a quote. They don't list the prices of their various cardiac insurance policies because you'd be turned off on the spot. But at any rate, what are you getting for the high price of cardiac insurance? Can anyone insure you a healthy heart?

Thursday Nov 03, 2022

Are you a calm person or a time-bomb of turbulence? How would you objectively rate yourself on a scale of total turbulence at the bottom and total inner peace at the top? Today's lesson enables you to assess your position on the stairway from explosiveness to serenity.

Thursday Oct 27, 2022

No one strengthens character from eating chocolate ice-cream. Coping with difficulty is like spiritual resistance training that strengthens one's spirit. Therefore, when the Almighty wants to uplift a person to a higher spiritual level, He first sends them some sort of verbal abuse. Verbal abuse breaks a person's heart. Yet, in striving to overcome a broken heart, a person builds an emotionally-stronger heart. Here's a lesson in spiritual resistance training...


Emuna Beams

Welcome to the podcast of author, life coach and spiritual guide Rabbi Lazer Brody, Orthodox Rabbi, Certified Fitness Trainer and Health Coach. If you're looking for body-soul harmony, a fulfilling life and inner peace, you've come to the right place.

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