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Feb 2021

Cast Your Bread Upon the Water

Here is a touching story about two best friends - one married right after seminar (girl's high school) and pursued a career. The surprise ending of the story teaches that no one ever loses by doing an act of lovingkindness for someone else.

Jan 2021

A Word of Love

Yisroel Klein was a young man in one of the Nazi death camps where just as many Jews were dying of hunger and sickness as the ones who were sent to the gas chambers. Yisroel survived the Holocaust by virtue of the story I'm about to share with you, about how one compassionate word of love, care and compassion can literally save a life.

May 2020

A Most Welcome Guest

Today's podcast, in addition to helping us put life's challenges in proper perspective, helps us prepare for Lag B'Omer and invokes Divine blessings for you and your loved ones...

Apr 2020

Boomerang Bread

Every act of charity and lovingkindness - chesed - earns the merit of multiple Torah mitzvoth simultaneously. The good a person gives comes back eventually in an amazing manner as we learn in today's podcast as we see the words of our prophets come alive.

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