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Fruit of the Soul

Wednesday Jan 29, 2020

Wednesday Jan 29, 2020

In this special lesson for the month of Shvat, we learn about the four types of fruit that our sages speak about. They are:
1) Fruit of the field and tree - vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds
2) Fruit of the womb - our children
3) Fruit of our labors - the result of our career, trade, professional and job efforts
4) Fruit of the soul - one's emuna, prayer and Torah.
All the above four types have one very significant common denominator...


Tuesday Jan 21, 2020

Tuesday Jan 21, 2020

A person can score a bullseye in one of two ways. Either he or she can invest years of effort and training to become a champion archer, or he or she can be a slouch, grab a bow, shoot an arrow in the general direction of the target, and then draw the bullseye around wherever his or her arrow lands...

Sunday Jan 12, 2020

In today's video podcast, Rabbi Lazer tells a moving story from the Gemara in Tractate Taanis about Rebbe Yehoshua's encounter in Rome with Caesar and his daughter. When Caesar's daughter saw the renown Jewish sage from the Land of Israel, she asked,  "How can such magnificent wisdom be housed in such an ugly vessel?" In explaining this passage of Gemara, its Kabbalistic ramifications and the practical advice each one of us can glean from it, we learn the key to successful relationships. Today's lesson will not only help us choose friends and the right soulmate, but it explains the proper balance and relationship between body and soul.

King Solomon and Google Search

Thursday Jan 02, 2020

Thursday Jan 02, 2020

Emuna Beams looks at current events from an emuna perspective. King Solomon says in Ecclesiastes that there's nothing new under the sun. How does that possibly corroborate Google Search and other technological nuances? How does King Solomon's nothing new under the sun synch with today's news, both in Israel and abroad, especially the USA? Today's podcast searches for the answers.

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